Sunday, November 27, 2011

A New Leaf

I have never been especially diligent in the journalling department.  I always thought, hey, it would be fun to have a journal to look back and compare my memories of events or issues years later with my initial reactions, but interest quickly wanes as I have to write laborious entries to catch myself up to this point in my life.  So I have decided to skip that step.  Instead this blog will not be about my life.  Rather it will just be a place for random musings about various topics that interest me.
Here's the plan (guidelines for myself).  
1) Post something everyday.  
2) The topic can be anything, except an actual re-cap of that day.
3) The post must include at least 1 picture.

Alright, those are my goals.  Who knows, maybe a little bit of my life history will leak through for future self reflection.  :)

Let the blogging begin.  

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