Tuesday, November 29, 2011

QRcode Madness

Last week I discovered qrcodes.  Well, that's not exactly true, I had seen them around before and had heard that they contained a variety of different types of information including links to websites.  Actually, last week I discovered that I could make my own qrcodes.  Above is one that I created with the address for this blog.  Using photoshop I embedded the code into several designs of lemmings attached to balloons that I already created.  Nifty, right?

Anyway, my first thought when discovering the wonderful world of qrcode create was that they could be used to make an awesome scavenger hunt.  I realize I don't know anyone else who enjoys scavenger hunting quite as much as me, but there have to people out there that might be sucked in by an adorable rodent traveling via balloon.

After a little internet searching I discovered that there was already a website devoted to qrcode scavenger hunts called QR Wild.  I immediately decided to sign up.  Unfortunately the network seems to be somewhat limited and there is no way to tell where current scavenger hunts are occurring.  In order to get involved it appears that I will have to create my own hunt and hope that other people find my game pieces and decide to join my hunt.  I'm not sure how many people regularly go around scanning qrcodes, but it would be awesome if it actually works.  I downloaded some qrcode game pieces and began writing up clues to guide hunters to their hiding places.  I plan to make them into stickers so they will be small, easily hidden and not too readily moved from where I put them.  I'm already getting excited about the prospect of planting them around town.

Moreover, I think it would be fun to create my own game and hide my little lemmings around.  If people found them and scanned them they would be directed to this blog for more information.  It also might be interesting to create qrcodes containing secret messages or clues to solving a specific riddle.  I can't wait to see if qrscavenger madness will be a success! :)

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