Friday, December 16, 2011

Granny's Garden Permutation

I just completed the blue series for the granny square blanket I have been working on.  I'm not sure if you can tell from the picture, but so far no color sequence has been repeated for this blanket.  I have three shades for each color, as well as black and white.  So for each set I am using a combination of black and white with two of the color shades.  Following that pattern I can make 24 different square permutations for each set of four colors, given I don't ever repeat a color sequence.  I had already made three sets of 24 squares using the purple shades, but now I have also completed three sets of blue squares.  I have one completed set of 24 green squares, so my next task is to crochet the remaining two series of 24 square.  Stitching some simple statistics into my project keeps me entertained and I really like that none of the squares have been duplicated so far.  Each one is unique, even though it shares the same color scheme and underlying pattern as the rest of the squares. 

Once I finish all three sets of 24 for each of the three colors I will have a total of 216 granny squares.  I can't wait to finish the green and see all of them laid out together!

168 Lovely Little Grannies :)
I haven't decided how I want to lay out the blanket after I finish making up the squares.  I don't know if they will look best grouped by the outer bordering color or if I should block them in sets of 24, or even mix and match color combinations.  I am also considering making a much larger blanket and doubling all three color sets.  That would mean the total number of squares in the blanket would be 432.  I wonder how many stitches that would be. 

If I double the entire series of squares, then each square would have a single matching counterpart.  Kind of like a giant game of memory. 

Granny Square Garden
I am really happy with the color combinations.  They are all so pretty, and the different shades all seem to go really well together.  The pattern I'm using for the actual square can be found on Attic 24's blog.  She does some beautiful crochet work and offers many different patterns with helpful tutorials, so if you are learning how to crochet you should definitely check out her blog.

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