Sunday, December 18, 2011

Tatted "Tooth Fairy" Masks

One holiday project that I have been working on is a series of tatted masks.  The white one is completed, the red one needs a little more embellishment, and the eyes on the black one are not finished yet.

Originally I had planned to display the three in a shadow box with the title "Disguises of the Tooth Fairy" as a gift for my dad (he's a dentist :)), but it got a little crushed on the plane ride home.  I will have to see if I can find a new piece of glass at the craft store tomorrow.  Aside from being crushed, I think the combination of the masks makes a cool piece of artwork.  While I can make tatted and crocheted things for my mom and sister to wear, it is a little harder to come up with things for my dad.  But I figure he could display it as an art piece at his office or somewhere at home.

Tooth Fairy Fashion
My dad is very patient and able to do extremely detailed counted cross stitch, so hopefully he will think the intricate lace and beaded details are neat.  For the white and black masks I used the pattern provided by Totusmel on Instructables.  She also has many amazing tatting patterns on her blog, along with tutorials how to tat using a needle.  Here is one of her designs that I replicated because I thought it was amazing.  I was impressed with the way she alternated the three different colors to create a bracelet of interwoven rings.

Infinity in shades of lavender
Eventually I hope that I will be able to design my own tatted patterns, but right now I am pretty good at recreating designs that I see.  I have begun tatting a different mask out of several motif designs, so it will be interesting to see how it comes out.

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