Saturday, December 3, 2011

Holiday Cheer?

The other day when I went to the gym to run, what to my wondering eyes would appear, but an Olay product overload and single servings of cheer!!! 

I have no idea how or where these products came from, but it was kind of exciting to find them laid out in the locker room.  I assume it is some sort of recharge and relax campaign designed to get students ready for finals, but I'm not exactly sure how the laundry detergent fits with that theme.  Maybe they want to remind people to keep up with personal hygiene during finals. :P

Tiny shampoo and conditioner armies :)
Spreading Holiday Cheer?
Luffa takeover!
I guess random free stuff is exciting no matter what it is.  The little cheer packets were cute and I think they could make an interesting holiday design project.

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